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Dyp Yoga Practice a system that gives results!

We are a unique Yoga experience! We combine infrared heat with Precise structured technically advanced yoga. The Dypyoga system consists of many different yoga series that together form a varied yoga practice. In combination, they address all body systems, maximasing your health benefits from your practice.

We have classes for all levels and our goal is that you should experience and see results from your practice!

Naema Noor

Namaste, Adab, Hello. I am the founder and creator of the D.Y.P (deep yoga practice) system. My journey in the field of yoga is basically the journey of my life. I learned yoga from an early age from my late father. Some of my earliest childhood memories is from him teaching me head stand.

He imprinted in me the great tool of yoga that I have carried with me all my life and for this more than anything, I truly appreciate and love him. We have our roots from Jammu & Kashmir and my grandparents lived with Ayurveda and yoga in their daily life. In my professional career and as a mother I have gone back to the same traditions because they work!

The D.Y.P yoga system is very much colored by Ayurveda espescially the detox tradition in Ayurveda. Through sweating the body systems are activated, that is why the D.Y.P system is practiced in Infrared heat, as the infrared heatwaves heats the body from the core out. On the nutritional and medical side of the D.Y.P system, the detox happens through herbal remedies. In combination D.Y.P yoga, Pranayama, and customized nutrition create a healing and preventive approach to medicine

What is the goal of medicine? Is it to get rid of some symptom? Or is it to get to the root of the disease and pull that root out of the ground? What is being healthy? Yoga means union and aligning the physical, mental and spiritual body so they work in the same direction, resulting in good deeds and good actions that promote creativity and spiritual growth. That is what yoga has as a potential, to even transcend somebody´s actions from inertia and regression into actions of spiritual growth and evolution. To me, that is being healthy.

I am often asked how I created a whole system of yoga, and what kind of yoga is it? Well the answer to that started with my childhood and has not yet ended. But I can start with the journey my family made when we migrated to Norway. My father drove a Renault 65 from Kashmir through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and then through Europe. We were 6 kids in the car! Mom would cook on the side of the road and we slept outside under the night sky. This was in 1975 and I was 2 years old, I doubt it would have been possible today! Growing up in Norway was literally a world apart, but I kept my yoga practice with dad, and mom made the Ayurvedic remedies and food that she always made, so I always felt close to our family traditions.

At the age of 18 I left for the United States and I became a certified Bikram teacher. I practised the advanced Bikram series with Bikram and his wife in LA headquartes of Bikram´s yogaacademy for three years. Bikram actually put me in his book with three pictures. In 1999 I held my first yoga teachers training in San Francisco. The TT was a great success but I felt I was imposing a yoga master. I knew that I was not and I started to deepen my yoga practice in search of truth. I intensified my physical practice, I read all the books I could find about spirituality and yoga. I meditated for hours every day. Then one day I felt a stinging sensation in my lower spine and in the weeks to come surges of energy was flowing up my spine. I had read about such sensations and experiences in some of the books and now I read all I could find about Kundalini. In 2000 I left for Lahore in Pakistan where my mom lived, she introduced me to the great qawwal-singer Aziz Mian Qawwal. The minute I met him I bowed to the ground and I knew that I had met a true master. He gave me initiation in to high meditative states in Sufism. He was a faqeer, someone that was residing in the light.

I went to India and underwent spiritual training in Varanasi. Here I was initiated in advanced Kriya yoga meditation techniques, by one of the grandsons of Lahiri Mahasaya, the famous yoga guru of Parmahansa Yoganandas parents, well described in his book “An Autobiography of a yogi”. Actually Bikram Chaudry´s yogateacher in India was Bishno Gosh whom was Yoganandas brother, and his grandson took the pictures of me in the Bikram yoga book, sometimes the world is very small! Then I left for Norway, I became a mother to Leonardo in 2003, and embarked upon my university degrees. During my years at university I became really productive: I finished my training as a certified Iyengar teacher in 2009 with Faeq and Corinne Biria, I took a flight once a month for three years to Paris, I still can´t understand how I made it happen but I did! They are truly great teachers, I thank them for teaching me technique and alignment like nobody else. Furthermore I got married, three more children, two degrees, a masters degree in clinical nutrition and today I am a licenced Medical Doctor as well, I studied at the University of Oslo for 12 years!

I was consistently teaching yoga, and along with the knowledge I got at the university, I started developing my own system. I remember vividly how I was in the morgue, observing and cutting in to corpses. It is an obligatory part of becoming a doctor, but I will never forget the thickness of the sciatica nerve! I could now understand that having pain related to this nerve is serious, as it was much thicker than I could have imagined.

In 2010 I opened House of Yoga downtown Oslo with Henrik. It functioned as a laboratory for 7 years. I would practice yoga, implement technique in to the classes, making my own sequences, testing and finding new ways. The last details of the system and journey has now fallen in to place in the D.Y.P yoga center on the 6th floor of Munchs gate 7 in the city center of Oslo. Here you can practise the D.Y.P System. If you are not in Oslo you can join online classes or subscribe to our youtube channel. Welcome to class!

Love N

Henrik Allum

II am manger and co-owner of Dypyoga. I have been teaching yoga since 2004. When I teach I like to be efficiant, consise and clear in my teaching style. I have been a yogastudent of Naema since 2002, I practiced Ashtangayoga under the guidence of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois at Ashtangayoga research institute in Mysore India for a period of 6 months. I completed 3 years of Iyengar yoga Teacher training with Leela Hansen in Gothenburg Sweden.

I hold a bachelors degree from the universety of Oslo in pedagogy with emphasis on existential philosophy. My expertese in the field of yoga is teaching Seniors. I have taught basic to advanced level senior-yoga classes on a weekly basis since 2008.

I am a certified Dyp teacher and practice and teach all the Dyp yoga series.

here is my testimonial to why the Dyp yoga system works: "In 2006 I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and in the following years i was put on mood stabelising drugs, as my condition got worse. By 2011 I had been on 6 different mood stabelising drugs and was taking 3 different types daily. I felt increasingly emotionally numb, got severely depressed and had heavy anxiety attacks. It came to the point that I started to isolate and avoid people. I gained waight despite quite vigerous exercise on a regulair basis. I started to head down the road of living my life lonely, overweight, depressed with frequent anxiety attacks.

Naema said she believed she could help me off the drugs by replacing them with intense yoga exercise, pranayama tecniques and ayurvedic dieting. I was anxious since I had been on different drugs for a couple of years, and those times I had tried to quit in the past, I got frequently heavy anxiety attacks and severe depression that lastet longer. She said I could reduce the dosage for some time and eventually quit comletely, together we made a schedual for Yogapractice and quitting the drugs. Today I thank god that I trusted her. I was so sick I could no longer be a friend to her or anybody else, nor could I tend my obligations at work. Easter 2011 I cut the drugs completely after reducing the dosage for 1 month. Dayly I practiced her yogasystem. I did the Dyp Advanced, Dyp Hot and Dyp Power in 3 day intervals 6 days a week. I did Dyp Restorative on sundays and Pranayama tecniques hat she thought me every morning and meditation in the evening. She put me on a strict Ayurvedic diet with spesific herbes wich she coocked for me.

As I write this biography for our website, It has nearly been 7 years that I have lived without pharmasuitical drugs. Today my medicine is Dypyoga and co-parenting 4 kids. Looking back I understand that I was and still am extremely lucky that I had someone in my life that cared and did the extra work and efforts that it required from her. (she was studying for her double MA at the time) And that I had someone as knowledgeble as Naema, because she knew how to treat my desiese! I thank her for believing in me and not the statistics wich are quite poor, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder live aproxamentally 10-20 years less than the average population, mostly due to obeisity and other lifestyle related illnesses. I know by experience that the right yogapractice and ayurvedic living can heal!

I went through the chakra system making a change from the root up.Thank you Naema for providing the tool and guidance of kundalini and the chakras.

I encourage you to read the abstract from Naema´s masters theises on the topic: "Practice of clinical nutrition in psychiatric wards in Oslo". It reveales that nutrition is not an integrated part of treatment for psychiatric patiants in modern day society. It should be and I am proud of her for bringing this important information on the table.

Thank you! Love H

Johannes Martens

Johannes Martens is a cellist by profession and a full time member of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. He has been doing yoga for many years and took Dypyoga teacher training with Naema and Henrik in 2015. He is also certified in Timani, a method for musicians which relies on bio-tensegrity, biomechanics and anatomy, knowledge that is also relevant in understanding the Dypyoga system. Johannes is thorough in his teaching style, combined with his kind and sensitive personality, his class is a good workout and a fun learning experience.f

Leonardo Nagraj Allum Noor

Leonardo Nagraj Allum Noor has been learning yoga under the guidance of his mother since the age of 8. He has followed the structure of the classical school of yoga namely the master student relationship, receiving instructions one to one. The discipline of yoga is just a discipline for life and with young like old it improves the ability to concentrate. Leonardo's interests apart from yoga are playing the guitar or singing, going to football practice, or hanging out with his friends. About Dypyoga leo says: "I feel so free afterwards" He has a light and youthful way of teaching, a yoga teacher in the making.

Certified teachers

There are certified DYP teachers in many places around Norway. You might find one close to your own home.

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Custom built yogashala with infrared heat and kurunta (ropewall), clean, spacious wardrobes with lockers to keep your personal belongings safe, showers, heated floors for cold winter months. Seating areas where you can enjoy a cup of chai masala after class, soft warm pine floors in the yogashala, infrared heated room, ventilation system that ensures that even a full shala is saturated with oxygen, rope installations and all necessary equipment, competent teachers who are all educated in

DYP yoga system. A yoga system that make sure you get in the shape of your life!



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